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Grim Rides in San Francisco for the CNET TV interview

burn baby burn

Grim Rides is a locals only group of funeral car fiends
that started out in the San Francisco Bay Area approximately 20 years ago
and ended up in the Central Valley of CA.
  We're a private sort of bunch.
We keep to ourselves, and get together once in a blue moon to hang out and talk hearses.

You may have noticed that we are a small group. That's ok, because as the saying
goes, "It's Quality, not Quantity". Besides, here in CA,
all the hippies used up all the poor funeral cars long ago.
What survived got toted away by various hearse dealers,
and we're left with a rather skimpy selection.

I'm currently updating the site, so bear with me if you find a broken link or missing image.

Be sure to visit us on our Facebook page!  You'll love it to death. Official Grim Rides Facebook

Grim Rides is the online home of the documented
Harold & Maude 1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse.

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Mad Monster Party!  

Members, passed and present:

James Anderson, 1971 Superior Sideloader.
Kyle & Aprildawn Belcher, '72 Superior.
Ryan Border, 1960 Superior Sideloader.
Dave Burden, 1926 Studebaker.
Rebecca Caldwell, Carthedral
K.C., 1959 Superior.
Roldan Caballero 1984 Eureka.
Jeff El Diablo, 1967 M-M Endloader.
Joe & Gail G, 1975 Superior Endloader
Amy the Hearse Queen, 1965 M-M 3-Way
Ed Hughes, 1959 Superior Sideloader
Tony I., '64 Pontiac Bonneville Superior LWB
JD, 1959 M-M 3-Way
Joker, 1959 Superior Limo Style
Rick Lundblad, 1963 M-M, 1969 Superior, 1978 M-M, & More.
Matt, 1966 Buick Wildcat Hearse by National
Mike & Elizabeth, 1966 S&S Victoria Endloader
Miss Lynda, 1972 Superior Crown Sideloader
D.K. Palmgren, 1973 Pontiac Superior
Ron Peterson , 1971 Superior Sideloader
Ron Rancid of the Nihilistics, 1972 Cadillac M-M
J. Reyven, 1968 Cadillac M-M 3-Way, 1965 Cadillac M-M Ambulance
Roach, The Spikemobile from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sal, 1974 Superior.
James Shao, 1955 S&S Sideloader.
Eric Sharp, Munsters Koach/ Dragula replicas.
Specialized Bicycles, 1966 Superior Sideloader.
Mike Steffan, 1967 S&S Endloader.
Vic Sugilo, 1964 M-M End Loader, RIP.
W. Clark Miller & Sabra Sonewald, 1956 Cadillac S & S Landau
Seth Tepher, 1976 M-M Combination.
Robert Van Doren, 1959 M&M 3-Way
Rion Vernon, 1971 M-M
Landau Traditional Sideloader
Wes & Jeannette, 1964 Eureka, 1969 Superior.
Bruce Varner, 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Superior Endloader
Joe Williams, 1973 Cadillac S&S Victoria, RIP.
Wendy Wilson-Lang, 1956 Chevrolet.

"Don't let your first ride in a hearse be your last"
- Amy the Hearse Queen

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So you want to buy a hearse? Read our hints on buying hearses.
Includes links to new and used hearse dealers on the net,
hints on where to look for funeral cars, and other useful info for you.
(In other words: Go here first if you want to buy a hearse)

Need to sell a hearse? Want one? Head towards Grim Rides Classifieds! - RENOVATING

Other Hearse Clubs to check out if you're not near us.
(well, you can always move)

Hearses of the Internet - Links to Funeral Coaches we've found online.

Before you email us, read our Frequently Asked Questions or suffer my wrath.

Grim Toys : Tons of pics of Funeral Car & Spooky Toys & Model Kits - RENOVATING

The infamous list of Hearses in Movies.

When you scare enough to send the very best™, send a Grim Greetings - RENOVATING

Grim Girls : These chicks could make the dead rise.

Grim Rides Hearse T-Shirts and more in our Cafepress Store.

Read the SJ Mercury News article about Hearsecution from way back when.

Check out Awards & Accolades, people just love us to death.

Mom won't let you have a real one? We understand.
Visit The Original Adopt a Hearse and piss her off virtually. -

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Our Links are to die for. Hot Rods, music, & other fun stuff.

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In the meantime, check this out!

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, see our spoof pages.

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Special thanks go to:

This page is dedicated to the loving memory of my father.

John Shanafelt.
July 10, 1950 - July 15, 1998
Rest in Peace Daddy

Please go visit my dearly departed Dad's page
here. (link is non-functional)

I keep this main page's old school layout as it was when he was alive for sentimental reasons.

Rion for giving me the glorious Grim Girl.

Jeff El Diablo, where I got "Often imitated, always irritated"

W. Clark Miller and Sabra Sonewald for sponsoring us in the Mardi Gras Parade all those years.

Chef Mayhem of Doombuggies

and to Ryan Border, who convinced me we oughta go on the web, a very special thank you..

And, by the way: It's HEARSE, not Hurst...™

our cheesy yet adorable skulls

us hanging out in SF

aww, ain't they cute?

Legal Mumbo Jumbo & Contact Info

President, Founder, Webmistress: Amy the Hearse Queen
All materials such as Images, text, html, logos, various slogans such
as "hearsecution" "it's hearse, not hurst", & Grim Rides is ™ & Amy Shanafelt
If you'd like to use any of our graphics, or our text, don't. This is not a free graphics & text site.

Send email, dead links, marriage proposals to:
If you do not put Grim Rides in the subject field, it will be erased automatically.
Due to the high volume of email received, and my anti-social butterfly / hermit nature,
not all emails will be responded to, my apologies.

We have been online just about as long as there's been an internet.
To say we're sorta sick to death of email?  Is an understatement.

The music you are listening to is the Funeral March by Chopin.

Grim Rides is proud to be in association with Amazon.

This site is the ONLY site affiliated and authorized by
Grim Rides or Amy the Hearse Queen. Beware of imitators.

Thanks to those who wish us well,
those who don't can go to hell.

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