The Pretty Pictures

These pictures are just beautiful! Please note the plate, it corresponds with the DMV paperwork, and is clearly seen during the movie.
 (We suggest, if you can, viewing the film off of a DVD, and stopping the film about 25 minutes into the film. It's undeniably 504 COO!)

Without a doubt, this is the Harold & Maude hearse.

Without further adieu, the pictures...

At the owners' request, all photos relating to the movie shoot with the exception of the street shot have been removed...

It is only due to the generosity of the owner that I can show these pictures, THEY ARE NOT FOR USE ON ANY OTHER SITE!

You use 'em, I let everyone online know what a sneak you are.

You dig?

Here's the hearse...

A lovely shot of the Harold & Maude hearse in the driveway.

A slightly different perspective of the pic above..

Tucked away for safe keeping...
(Note the 504 COO plate which is clearly visible...)

A street shot of the Harold & Maude hearse, taken during the shooting of the film.

Please take me back.
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