Rion Vernon

"I remember visiting Disneyland's Toontown when
it first opened and thinking, Finally! Now this feels like reality."
- Rion Vernon, Pin Up Magazine Article

pic  Rion Vernon, used by permission

Rion Vernon owned this drop dead gorgeous
1971 M-M Landau Traditional Side Loader Hearse.

He sold it awhile back, but Rion is always gonna be a member of Grim Rides to me.

Rion is the artist behind our Grim Girl that he gave me years ago,
located at, he is just amazing!

Rion has previously worked on the Dreamworks animated series
Toonsylvania among other things including the Dreamworks Interactive computer game
Clive Barker's Undying.

Cruise by Rion's various sites, and take a gander at his drop dead artwork,
you'll see why folks love him to death.

He also has some artwork for sale,
I highly suggest snatching 'em up while they're still cheap, mark my words.

Visit Rion Vernon Online at:

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